Lens Care Tips

This is daily wear contact lens. You must remove the lens before sleep. Don’t forget the lens care when remove.

Before Use
  1. Check your eyes for gums and congestions with mirror.
  2. Keep your nails short and round not to damage your eyes and contact lens.
  3. Make sure that wash and rinse your hands.
Checking for lens, package and container

Before open, check the status of lens, package and container whether they have any defects.
If you see any defects, don’t open the container and contact the seller.

  1. Check the one lens is locating in the middle of the container, tear and status of color.
  2. Turn over the cover, you can find arrow on the aluminum lid. Remove the lid twisting it in one direction.
  3. Remove the rubber cover and slightly shake the container to float the lens. Poor it to lens case with preservative solution entirely.
  4. If you failed to remove the lid, don’t try excessively. Use the tools to open it.
  1. Check the deformation, discoloration, debris, contamination, scratch and damages. If you are using lens with those defects, it can bring the possibility of ocular hazard. so DO NO USE.
  2. Put your lens on your finger and check in and outside. If you use the lens with inside out, you can feel discomfort and it easily come off.

  1. Put your lens on index finger of your dominant hand and check the in and outside of the lens. Moisture removal helps easy wearing.
  2. Grab and fall down your lower eyelid with middle finger of same hand.
  3. Lift up the upper eyelid with other hand’s middle finger to raise the eye rims.
  4. Put the lens on pupil with gazing your both eyes to the front.
  5. Check the right location of the lens on pupil and slowly move back your finger.
  6. Slowly blink your eyes for several times and check the lens was fitted rightly.

  1. Clean your hands before handling. Check the location of the lens with mirror and gaze the upper direction to make pupil go up.
  2. Fall down the lower eyelid with middle finger of your dominant hand.
  3. Grab and remove the lens with thumb and index finger of dominant hand. Be careful not to damage on to your eyeball and lens with nails.

  • Daily chemical disinfects required. Do not use hot water.
  • Please follow the attached instructions and marked information on the cover. Use this product in proper way.
  • For treatment and preservation, use the solutions for soft contact lens. DO NOT USE tap water