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Why Neo Cosmo? The world knows it.

Neo Cosmo Color Contact Lens is manufactured by Neo Vision Co., Ltd Korea established since 1993. Our Innovative products are developed based on long experience in research and the most state of the art contact lens technologies. Over the years, Neo Cosmo products have already achieved an excellent reputation for their high quality in the European and Japanese markets.


Sandwich Process Sandwich Process
Sandwich Process

Neo Cosmo color contact lenses are manufactured with patented sandwich engineering method which infiltrate the cosmetic color between the inside and outside layer of the contact lens, preventing the decolorization of the lens.

Aqua Capsule Aqua Capsule
Aqua Capsule

Aqua Capsule is the new material combined with water factors of high-bioaffinity which forms moisture layer on the lens surface. The superior technology brings all day long moist and best comfort with its water contents on lens surface.

IA Technology IA Technology
IA Technology

Internal Absorption Technology brings the best comfort with non-direct contact between eye and circled area of the lens. Using U.S FDA approved safe pigment, circle lines are printed by penetrating and absorbing into the lens material.

Aspheric Design Aspheric Design
Aspheric Design

Neo Cosmo Color Contact Lens has unique 3 Curve design that allows better aberration correction and smooth cycle of tear exchange, resulted in improved visual acuity and contrast sensitivity thus offering crisp and sharp vision. 

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